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‘We make your food supply chain work’ stands for H&S’s uncompromising focus on our customers. Our customers need reliable partners that can offer flexibility and evolve with the changing market conditions. We are that partner. Below you can see an account of our customers’ experiences.

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Israeli producer

With a cold storage and specialities production facility, H&S Coldstores in Beneden-Leeuwen was an ideal European base for the Israeli producer.

Alca Trading

H&S was able to provide ALCA Trading Corp with the formula they were looking for with a combination of (inter)modal transport, warehousing, production and tax and customs services.


innocent has awarded H&S Group the Supplier Award for ‘Best execution of progress plan’


Roquette was challenged to decrease their carbon footprint significantly on high volume bulk transports in the pharmaceutical industry with high demands on product integrity.


Heineken was challenged to in their so called project “cut the tail”. This in order to increase the visibility through their supply chains by having less providers on professional level.


FrieslandCampina has selected H&S Logistic Services to create a 4PL Control Tower for the transport of their liquid bulk products.

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