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18 Mar 2024

Royal Den Hartogh Logistics acquires H&S Group

06 Sep 2023

H&S Filling launched a new movie

At H&S Filling we ensure the quality of the product before, during and after the filling process.

19 May 2022

Lineage Logistics is the new owner of H&S Coldstores

The H&S Group has sold all the business activities and all their shares of H&S Coldstores to Lineage.

05 Oct 2022

WHS Logistics takes next step in sustainability

WHS Logistics is at the heart of the supply chain, therefore we are able to provide targeted advice about possible reductions in the carbon footprint. And with with BigMile Carbon Analytics we are even better equipped to do so.

09 Aug 2022

H&S Banenmarkt / Open Dag op 3 september

Banenmarkt / Open Dag bij de H&S Group in Barneveld op zaterdag 3 september, 10.00 - 15.00 uur.

24 Feb 2022

Quality at H&S Filling

We have made a video to show you what we do at H&S Filling. Click to see what quality looks like!

14 Jan 2022

The story of H&S Coldstores

We are proud of our Coldstores, of how we developed and transformed it to what it is today. In light of this week's news that Lineage Logistics has acquired H&S Coldstores, we share the story of how H&S Coldstores has grown while being a part of the H&S Group.

13 Dec 2021

H&S Group en de Dag van de Chauffeur

We staan in de krant! Onze collega’s geven antwoord op vragen als ‘Hoe is het om vrachtwagenchauffeur te zijn in deze corona-tijd?’ en ‘Wat doet H&S om vrachtwagenschauffeurs zich welkom te laten voelen?'

12 Jun 2021

The H&S 75 years Rally

On 12 June the H&S Group organised a rally for our colleagues and their families

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