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Updates in our Planning Tool at H&S Coldstores

22 July 2021
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With our updated production facilities at H&S Coldstores, time came to also invest in a new planning tool. Our new tool is called ROBEX and with this, we always have an up-to-date overview of the situation. The real-time data makes it possible to see if productions are on schedule and whether they will meet the requested delivery times.

It allows us to optimize the planning of the machines and the required production personnel.

The advantages of this new tool

  • We have further increased control of the process and can therefore speed the process up. This leads to overtime reduction.
  • The quick and robust planning leads to lead time reduction.
  • The registration of cleaning is now fully digitized.
  • Tool usage lowers the amount of errors, which results in increased insight in and optimization of production requirements.
  • The standardization of work processes and the uniformity of concepts dramatically lowers the dependence on individual employees.

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