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Royal Den Hartogh Logistics acquires H&S Group

18 March 2024
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Rotterdam/Barneveld, 18 March 2024 – Royal Den Hartogh Logistics, specialised in global transportation for the chemical, gas, and food industries, expands its portfolio by acquiring H&S Group, a leader in the transportation of liquid foodstuffs in Europa. Ubbo Hempenius, owner of H&S Group, and Pieter den Hartogh, Group Managing Director of Royal Den Hartogh Logistics, signed an agreement on 15 March 2024 whereby Den Hartogh acquired all shares in H&S Group.

H&S will become the fifth business unit of Den Hartogh, alongside the business units Liquid, Gas, Global and Dry Bulk. The acquisition encompasses all business units and joint ventures of H&S Group, with the exception of the Cleaning & Filling business unit in Barneveld (NL). By expanding its range of services, Den Hartogh is strengthening its global market position as a leading logistics service provider. The transaction is subject to regulatory clearance.

Ubbo Hempenius stated, ‘The merger of H&S Group and Den Hartogh is an excellent opportunity to combine and fully utilise our strengths, expand our smart logistics solutions, and further develop our reach. I am convinced, and so are our CEO Stefan Heintjes and our Advisory Board, that this is the right step forward for H&S. It ensures the continuity and independence of our company. We are creating a sustainable future for our teams, working together to set new standards in the world of logistics. Above all, it ensures that our customers benefit to the fullest from a unique and comprehensive global service package.’

Pieter den Hartogh: ‘Expanding into a fifth business unit for liquid foodstuff is a strategic choice and on top of that being able to do this in partnership with H&S, a family-owned business with so many intersections in terms of history, values and ambition, makes me incredibly proud. We're not just merging activities; we're combining our stories, our dreams and our people. The H&S team, with their expertise, vast knowledge, experience and ambition, is a valuable and welcome addition to the Den Hartogh family.’

The two internationally operating Dutch family businesses are both leading logistics service providers with a rich history. They prioritise safety above all and share values such as transparency, personal development and respect. The history between the two companies goes back a long way; collaborative projects have been ongoing since 2001.

About Den Hartogh
Royal Den Hartogh Logistics is a logistics service provider specializing in the global transportation of liquid chemicals, gases, and dry bulk (polymers and food products). Founded in the Netherlands in 1920, the family-owned company has a presence in 50 locations across 27 countries worldwide. Den Hartogh employs over 2,100 staff members and operates more than 24,000 tank containers, 5,000 dry bulk containers and trailers, 310 tank trailers and 710 trucks.