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H&S Group is the number one logistic service provider in the liquid food industry. For more than 70 years we have been offering logistic concepts for customers in this industry. This varies from actual transport of products to processing and storing them.

H&S Group as an employer

H&S Group is an enterprising family business that employs more than 600 committed logistic experts. H&S Group has seen strong development in recent years and has grown into a leading and diversified logistic service provider. We stand out through our informal working atmosphere, short communication lines, and space for personal development.

We invest in long-term relationships with our customers, and in a productive relationship with you. Do you know what your talent is and do you want to develop it further? Together we will determine what you and the company need to go to the next level. Continuous education and learning from colleagues and other professionals is important for us. We work with annually reviewed personal development plans. In addition, we focus on a good work-life balance.

Our people take responsibility and get plenty of opportunities. Do you want to exceed your boundaries by joining the H&S Group?

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