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TETRA Chemicals Europe have decided to improve the quality of the deliveries by choosing a “Dedicated Food Container” solution from its plant in Ham, Belgium. TETRA Chemicals Europe is a major producer of Calcium Chloride. For the food applications the dedicated product called CC food® will now be transported with “Dedicated Food Containers”.


"The increasing demand from the market and from our customers made us take this decision. Our objective is simple: improve the service-level to our customers and offer them a product of guaranteed quality”, says Fabrice Duteil, Sales Director at TETRA Chemicals.


The “Dedicated Food Container” concept means that only Calcium Chloride food grade is transported: no other products can contaminate the load. This evolutions also allows a higher availability of the freight, which secures the customers to receive the product according to their requirement.

"H&S Foodtrans is a reliable partner with a great track record and specialized in transport of Foodstuff. They manage the fleet of dedicated containers and transport to our customers."

Anders Jensberg, Logistics & Procurement Director