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Lecico, an Avril Group company, is a leading global supplier of lecithin and phospholipids for the food, infant nutrition, animal feed and health & nutrition markets. With over 30 years of experience, Lecico operates from its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and delivers high quality and tailored products for brands, manufacturers and distributors around the world.


Lecico aims to sell lecithins and phospholipids of the highest possible quality. To ensure the company continued to adhere to regulatory quality standards, Lecico required a trustworthy service provider to fill and standardise its products, as well as transport bulk ingredients within Europe. Logistics needed to be flexible to accommodate changes to in its operations through a hands-on approach.


H&S Group provides an all-inclusive logistics, filling and warehouse service to support the supply chain. For Lecico, we could offer outstanding service in this area with a flexible, agile and hands-on mentality. Close communication with Lecico ensured we were able to react to their requirements quickly and without any unnecessary delay.

"Our partnership with H&S Group is excellent. No logistical or filling challenge is too big or too small for them as their customers are always a top priority. With a focus on high quality products at Lecico, H&S Group provides us with the flexibility and agility we require to deliver superb customer satisfaction."

Sven Göbel, Manger Business Operations at Lecico GmbH