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Israeli producer

Our Israeli partner is a global supplier of integrated, technology-based fruit solutions and is actively developing the food service market. Headquartered in Israel, the supplier was looking to expand its presence in Europe in order to meet local demand.


With a cold storage and specialities production facility, H&S Coldstores in Beneden-Leeuwen was an ideal European base for the Israeli producer. In addition H&S’s integrated transport, warehouse and production solution fit well with our partners vertical strategy. Accordingly a joint investment in a state-of-the-art bag-in-box machine was made within the confines of the existing H&S production infrastructure.


This project has resulted in a win-win for both parties: our Israeli partner is able to produce closer to its customers at a lower cost and higher service. H&S Coldstores in turn has upgraded its capabilities in terms of equipment and people to benefit not only to our Israeli partner but also other future customers.