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CREMER, a family-owned business with international presence in over 30 countries, has been active in the production and distribution of Oleo Chemicals such as Glycerin since the late 1970’s. CREMER Oleo, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hamburg, is committed to fulfilling customer needs in Cosmetics, Food, Feed, Pharmaceuticals, Energy and Technical applications.


CREMER Oleo guarantees the highest quality in all aspects of our business, including transport. The company was looking for a highly reliable service provider who could solidly store, fill and transport products of the most diverse qualities. The partner had to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to the requirements of CREMER Oleo's operations team and offer as many services as possible from a single source.


In H&S Group, CREMER Oleo has found a partner for transport, filling and storage whose outstanding service the team can always rely on. At all times, orders are processed as specified and the quality of service CREMER stipulate is always met. Communication is smooth, comprehensive and fast.

"CREMER Oleo's quality standards are exceptionally high. These can only be met working alongside the best partners in a highly competitive market. With H&S Group we have found such a partner."

Cornelius Willhöft, Business Manager Operations at CREMER Oleo