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Alca Trading

ALCA Trading Corp is the leading supplier of tropical fruit purees and juices and exclusive seller of products from Fruitilight, Banalight and Tropilight. ALCA Trading Corp has experienced significant growth in Europe over the last few years in core business products such as banana puree and pineapple puree.


In order to simplify the supply chain whilst increasing service to customers, ALCA Trading Corp was looking for a ‘one-stop-shop’ in Europe. H&S was able to provide ALCA Trading Corp with the formula they were looking for with a combination of (inter)modal transport, warehousing, production and tax and customs services.


Through a close partnership H&S was able to develop and customise a solution that fit the strategic ambitions of ALCA Trading Corp. Ultimately the result was a more responsive supply chain at a lower cost with a higher service to the end customer.