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The story of H&S Coldstores

14 januari 2022

H&S Coldstores became part of the H&S Group in 2005, when we acquired this cold storage facility and blending station. It fitted in with our strategy to offer our customers more than transport only; we wanted to go deeper into the supply chain. We expanded the facilities in 2011 by building 5.000-ton storage space.

In 2016, we started producing red fruit and installed a pasteurizer to do so. We keep close relationships with our customers, so that we can develop our facilities according to their needs. The bag-in-box filling line is the result of another one of those collaborations with our customers. With time, the need arose to expand the tanker park and to redevelop the production area, and we did so in 2019.

In Beneden-Leeuwen we did not have enough storage space for all our customers, so we added storage space in Tiel and Elst. However, to be future-proof we started in 2021 with a new build next to our existing warehouse in Beneden-Leeuwen. We will build 25.000-ton multifunctional storage space and – of course – we are doing this in a sustainable way. Solar panels are added to supply all the energy needed for cooling, and the BREEAM building method is followed to ensure integral sustainability.

When Lineage Logistics showed interest in our Coldstores, we responded with enthusiasm. As Lineage is one of the leading and most innovative temperature-controlled companies in the world, we saw ample future opportunities for our Coldstores in the Lineage family. In addition, it allows us to focus on our core activity transport, in all its modalities. We work with our own trucking, tank containers and tankers in H&S Foodtrans, we offer 3PL solutions with H&S Logistic Services and Control Tower solutions with WHS Logistics.

We are proud of our Coldstores, of how we developed and transformed it to what it is today. We are proud of our colleagues, how they contribute every day to the products you find in stores. When you pass by the fruit juices and smoothies in the supermarket, please think of our colleagues from H&S Coldstores, as it is very likely that they contributed towards this product. We wish our Coldstores-colleagues all the best in their new Lineage-family.

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