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At H&S Coldstores we offer the complete service in juice & liquid processing: cold storage, warehousing, food processing, laboratory and/or packing services. In other words: handling, processing and distribution are all located under one roof.

H&S Coldstores can support the entire supply chain. From the transport of your fresh fruit to our storage and production facilities, to the processing and packaging of your juices and the delivery to the end user. We have FSSC certification. Our 75 years of experience in the food industry enable us to offer inbound and outbound transport as well as storage. It goes without saying that we comply with hygiene and quality regulations.

Cold storage

Our excellent storage facilities (60,000 m2) can store all kind of fruit. In different acclimatized warehouses. Frozen, chilled or ambient temperatures can be chosen depending on the requirements of the product.

Liquid processing

Seamless outsourcing of production? H&S Coldstores has food processing facilities at its disposal where blending, pureeing, repackaging, pasteurisation and aseptic filling are some of the many possibilities. These result in a product in tank containers, drums or filled bags-in-box.

Tax & Customs services

Tax & Customs Services takes care of customs formalities, such as import and export declarations as well as registering and unregistering of transport documents. Tax & Customs Services also acts as a tax representative for the sales and consumption taxes and as an authorised representative for reclaiming Dutch and international sales tax.

Curious about all the possibilities? Thanks to our warehouse management system, we can also assist with quality control of incoming goods, stock management, order processing, consolidation and packaging.

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Which services does H&S Coldstores offer?

Services in Coldstores can be categorised into 5 main groups: transport, warehousing, production, laboratory and customs.

We can organise both inbound and outbound transport as well as storage in ambient, chilled or frozen conditions. In regards to production we facilitate aseptic as well as regular processing. Processing can include crushing, blending, pasteurising, homogenising and filling (aseptic and bag-in-box). To validate the quality of the products, the laboratory can sample and perform a range of analyses (brix, acidity, ration, PH, % pulp, sensory evaluation) in both the warehouse as well as in production. Customs services include creating T1 document and a certificate of origin as well as customs clearance activities including fiscal representation. H&S Coldstores is AEO certified.

How does H&S Coldstores differentiate from its competitors?

H&S Coldstores is located in Beneden-Leeuwen, well connected with the Port of Rotterdam by road through the A15 as well as by barge via the Waal and well positioned for outbound transport into the European hinterland.

Through its broad range of services, H&S Coldstores is in a unique position to offer tailor-made solutions for our customers. We offer a one-stop-shop where customers can choose whether to make use of one or multiple services in an integrated service package including for example customs and laboratory services.

Last but not least, H&S Coldstores prides itself on its ability to adapt to the needs of our customers. We understand that the market is becoming increasingly complex due to both regulatory and market pressures. Consumer demand and product innovation is driving more varied and specialised recipes. Climate conditions and harvests will remain to shape the supply chain. We aim to be the partner to offer our customers the flexibility and customisation that they require.

What kind of products does H&S Coldstores produce?

H&S Coldstores receives raw fruits, purees, concentrate, juices and aromas to be used in the production process. Based on the recipes provided by our customers, then we process these products into juices, purees and concentrates. Based on the requirements of the customers, we can then fill the final article in bins, drums, pallets, load directly into a tank truck or fill into a bag-in-box.

How is quality assured in H&S Coldstores?

H&S Coldstores is continually investing in its equipment and technology to adapt to the needs of our customers. We implemented a new bag-in-box line which allows us to perform aseptic filling into bags and pack into boxes for our B2C customers. In addition, H&S Coldstores has invested in tools to enable a continuous remote monitoring of all production and process parameters.

The people in H&S Coldstores are a key driver for the quality of our services. Our experienced and motivated staff manage the processes supported by clear guidelines. We continually invest in training, process optimisation and the organisation to make sure our people have all they need to manage the business.

H&S Coldstores adheres and follows the HACCP principles and guidelines with weekly HACCP monitoring meetings. H&S Coldstores is in possession of the FSSC certificate following the successful annual FSSC audit which is our license to operate in food safety. H&S Coldstores is also SKAL-Bio Suise (Organic) Certified. We can also do Halal and Kosher productions on request.

Who do I get in contact with for more information?

Please send an email to or call +31 88 4267 777.

Our references

Israeli producer

With a cold storage and specialities production facility, H&S Coldstores in Beneden-Leeuwen was an ideal European base for the Israeli producer.

Alca Trading

H&S was able to provide ALCA Trading Corp with the formula they were looking for with a combination of (inter)modal transport, warehousing, production and tax and customs services.

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