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H&S Cleaning

H&S Cleaning BV has been executing high quality cleaning at its premises in Barneveld for the European food sector since 2004.

Our mission is: “By far the best” and this entails:
“We want to be leading in the provision of high quality cleaning facilities and concepts at strategic intersections in Europe.”

This mission is expressed on the basis of 6 key drivers:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Clients
  • Innovation
  • Internal processes
  • Image

As one of the spearheads of our mission and also as an indirect response to a request from a number of major cross dockers, we have recently opened a number of other branches:

2007 H&S Vlissingen
2011 H&S Ter Apelkanaal
2012 H&S IBC Cleaning Barneveld
2012 H&S Wascenter Barneveld