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H&S Logistic Services

H&S Logistic Services is the logistics knowledge centre within H&S Group. Our staff has university level training and can provide customer-specific advice and/or offer solutions for all of our customer’s activities and challenges. Our operational staff also has many years of experience in various logistics functions.

The logistics engineers provide analyses with reports on subjects including:

  • Optimisation of the “Total Cost of Ownership” of your specific supply chain
  • Redesigning your supply chain
  • The possibilities to reduce your costs by means of the optimum application of the current intermodal concepts
  • The application of intermodal concepts that enable your supply chain to offer a more sustainable solution

After the analysis, besides traditional services we can also offer customer-specific concepts with which:

  • We can use optimised daily planning and purchasing of transport (from various national, regional or lane-specific carriers) to create a lowest (intermodal) cost model.
  • We can take all of your concerns regarding all of your practical logistics operations off your hands with the aid of a 4PL model developed specifically for you. Here, we offer you online insight into all actions and statuses of the order intake, the operational execution and, finally, the invoicing process.
  • Finally, we can introduce alternative business models for the services to be rendered.