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H&R Opleidingen

Education and training are essential for awareness and the excellent execution of work. The H&S academy and Verkeersinstituut H&R Opleidingen (traffic institute) support the curricula and are recognised as training companies by VTL.

Every year, our drivers and our charters are trained by H&R Opleidingen in Barneveld, whereby the following issues are studied:

  • Food safety
  • Working safety
  • Fuel consumption
  • Laws and regulations in various countries

Verkeersinstituut H&R Opleidingen is a subsidiary of H&S Logistic Services B.V. and both are subsidiaries of the H&S Group. The traffic institute is geared primarily to the education and training of our own drivers and drivers of third parties.

Safety, professional competence and service are core values for us. H&R also provides the B training. For more information, please visit the H&R Opleidingen website.