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H&S Group - Europe's largest multimodal transport network for foodstuff only bulk liquids.

Introduction to H&S

Since 65 years, H&S Group has been dedicated to transporting liquid foodstuff only in bulk. We believe we can offer our customers the best solution with a strong focus on quality and innovation.

With a fleet of approximately 1.200 foodstuff only tank units, all operated within Europe and Russia, H&S Group is a leading service provider in this industry. As a multimodal operator we are specialist in road tanker transport as well as intermodal tank container services. With a network of own vehicles and dedicated co-makers over different hubs all over Europe and Russia, we provide European "foodstuff multimodal services".

For our customers we provide continuously quality driven and cost efficient solutions combined with a customized sustainability concept. Our customer solutions are always secured with respect for food safety procedures.

From our logistic experience center, H&S Logistic Services, we offer the combination of highly educated and well trained experienced supply chain specialists with latest software tools. With this, we have proven to many customers the benefits of integrated supply chain management organised by H&S.

H&S Group rewarded for sustainable entrepreneurship

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Flows with H&S Group

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